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Welcome To Healing Touch

Healing Touch is not a relationship between an expert and a problem … it is a relationship between human beings. We bring an outstanding team of medical practitioners who assure the best health care services for the patients.

Healing Touch is world’s leading medical tourism company. We specialize in helping you find the best hospitals and doctors through out the world at reliable prices.

We have tie-ups with many such hospitals and renowned surgeons. Our job is to help you reach speedy recovery by introducing you to the best possible doctors for your health problems.

Healing Touch has a network of well skilled professionals around the globe. We have experienced medical practitioners who assure and provide the best healthcare services.

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Regular Checkup

Healing Touch takes responsibility and books appointments in advance and we arrange doctors for you regular checkups.

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Professional Doctors

Healing Touch has the world’s best renowned doctors. We have a network of well skilled professionals around the globe.

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24 / 7 Monitor

Healing Touch provides you the best facilities with advanced technology. We provide 24 / 7 support in all our services including treatment, hotels, and travel.

We have world class facilities to care you

We have trained well skilled staff who are determined to their work and provide best services and make you feel ease.

We provide the best health care services in the best hospitals with expert medical practitioners who help for your speedy recovery.

24 hours patient transport vehicle available.

We provide you list of hotels in the vicinity of your hospital. We provide you the best accommodation services.

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Our Departments

Healing Touch has stretched its roots to various departments of the Medical Sciences. We have many specialties offered under one roof to bring in enhanced health delivery for the patients. Healing Touch is a network of well skilled physicians representing various sub-specialties, including many found only at the largest tertiary centers.

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What People Say

Healing Touch is the best medical tourism company in the world that connects the patients globally with the network of well skilled medical practitioners and world class hospitals with advanced technologies.

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Yasser Khatri

"I have to say I was very impressed with each and every person who has been a part of my treatment phase. Healing Touch brings a touch that heals the patient."

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"Healing Touch made my life healthier. The nurses and doctors were well skilled and helpful. They are very kind and they treated me with lot of care. I felt like I was at home with my family."

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Shaik Saqib

"I had seen the doctors who behave rudely when they are more experienced, but at healing touch they were very kind and I felt very satisfied."

Our Experts

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